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Sorry – In person treatments unavailable.

Distance Reiki £45.

Please enquire about bespoke traditional Distance Reiki treatments you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit you.




With its roots in ancient knowledge, reiki energy works on many levels ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and is beneficial for many chronic conditions. This gentle, therapeutic treatment is carried out with a light touch of the therapist’s hands while you lie fully clothed, free to relax and switch off. Also available, Reiki for Runners – Reiki, Sound Healing & bespoke guided Meditation treatments to help athletes focus on and achieve their goals through relaxation.

Holistic Massage

Carrying tension in our bodies can deplete our  vital energy. The therapist uses various techniques and degrees of pressure,
including trigger points, to help relax tense muscles, which benefit the whole body and calm the mind.

Reiki Massage

Subtle healing energy combined with massage intuitively works on the “hidden” causes of stress ~ a truly special treatment to induce deep relaxation.

Foot Reflex (Reiki) Massage

A relaxing combination of specific Reflexology points and massage of the feet and legs to help reduce stress. This lovely therapy combined with your reiki treatment (subject to suitability) can be especially helpful for headaches, anxiety, back ache and many other conditions.

If you are pregnant, planning pregnancy, suffer from any medical conditions, have recently had an operation or are on medication, please let the therapist know when booking your appointment.

In person treatments unavailable.

All treatments can include a bespoke guided meditation and/or Sound Healing.

Please enquire about treatments and prices for children.

What to expect:

  • With your appointment confirmation, you will receive a questionnaire for you to complete and bring with – all information is treated in the strictest confidence.
  • The first appointment is usually up to 75 mins long and you will be advised of cost with your confirmation, payable in cash or by cheque.
  • For massages, please wear clothes/footwear you don’t mind getting oil on afterwards.
  • Please note: it is not advisable to drink alcohol immediately before or after your treatment.
  • After your holistic treatment, it is important to try and take it easy for the rest of the day. This will prolong the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of the treatment.
  • Please also drink lots of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine. This will help flush out any toxins.
  • Individual responses to treatments vary:
  • Following the treatment, as well as feeling more relaxed, you may also feel achy,  fuzzy headed or tired. These are all normal responses as your body rebalances and are usually gone within a day or two. Keep drinking water.
  • Some clients may initially feel emotional or experience a slight worsening of original symptoms before they start to feel better. This is very common and a good sign as your body systems re-adjust after stress release.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Papu on07947 393045 or email


“Having had lots of massages in the past, Papu offers something unique and uplifting. She has a fabulous way of unknotting tense backs and shoulders, using sensitivity and just the right amount of pressure.”

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In person treatments currently unavailable. Please enquire about traditional Distance Reiki at

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