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Holistic Therapies treat you as a ‘whole’ – mind, body & spirit. They can be extremely beneficial in so many circumstances as they promote relaxation which gives all your body’s systems a well-deserved break. This in turn helps to calm the busy mind and your whole being benefits from feeling refreshed, recharged and energised. As such, they form part of a healthy lifestyle alongside exercise and diet. Although benefits are usually experienced after the first treatment, in many cases noticeable results are reported after 3 – 6 sessions.

The complementary and supportive nature of these therapies also means they can often be safely used alongside your regular medical treatment. (the therapist may ask you to obtain your GPs consent before commencing holistic treatments)
In addition Holistic Therapies may:
  • help ease aches and pains
  • improve circulation and the immune system
  • improve joint mobility and posture
  • help accelerate natural healing
  • help improve general health, muscle tone and skin condition
  • help with chronic problems
  • release emotional wounds
  • support you through periods of flux or loss
  • prevent the development of disease
  • help bring about positive changes and outlook into your life
  • improve your overall sense of well being
The treatments may also be helpful for following specific conditions:
  • hormonal complaints – PMT, menopause
  • muscular backache
  • tense head, neck and shoulders
  • aches & pains including arms & legs
  • worry,  anxiety, depression
  • headaches and migraines
  • digestive problems
  • sleep problems
  • other stress related conditions
  • bereavement, grief & end of life
  • exam/interview nerves
  • emotional/relationship issues
  • supporting you in serious illness from diagnosis & treatment to recovery
Please note: individual responses vary – as such no specific outcome can be guaranteed.


“My treatment course with Papu has been an amazing journey, from being very tired, suffering from IBS and bad circulation at Christmas, I now feel like a new person this summer, full of energy, skin glowing and I haven’t had any IBS attacks for months.  This really works, and I would recommend so highly for every persons well being!!!”


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